To see some family trees

View our Murray family tree, using Family Tree Maker's site

You will find this a little slow to operate, but it does show the complete family tree.

It will not always reflect recent updates (last few months) of the tree.


View our Murray family tree, using My Heritage's site

A nicely laid-out tree, but a lot of the information is hidden until you register with the site.
(Email address and a password required)

It will not show a complete copy of the tree, since the site policy is to flip abruptly from gratis to a substantial annual charge at a certain size. I have not subscribed to this enhanced version.


Or... go back to Clan Murray entry page

You can then navigate to a named person and see their adjacent family tree entries.
(Choose "Data on XXX relatives")
It is then possible to move, a little at a time, to more of their tree entries.
(Click on an individual to go to their relatives)